Referral: up to US$200 commission per new client with the first paid project referred

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Learn how to get a commission of up to US$200 per new worldwide client with the first fully paid project that you successfully refer/introduce to Interlang World.

Referral Policy:

+ You will get a commission of up to 8% (US$200 at the maximum) of the first fully paid project of the new worldwide client that you successfully refer/introduce to Interlang World.

+ The referral/introduction can be made via social media platforms such as Facebook (Likes, Post Likes, Shares, Comments and/or Tagging) and/or sharing its website ( and/or referring/introducing new clients via emails or its email (

+ Each referral/introduction is valid for 04 weeks. After the time frame of 04 weeks has passed with no other referral/introduction, there will be no commission.

+ If any new client is referred/introduced to Interlang World, but that referred client has no project fully paid to Interlang World, then there is no commission.

+ There must be a clear proof for the referral/introduction as well as the written confirmation of the referred client to Interlang World for such referral/introduction.

+ The gained commission (if any) will be paid via PayPal about 03 weeks after the first project of the new client (that you have referred to Interlang World) has been successfully completed and fully paid to Interlang World.

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